Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random thoughts on a Wednesday night

  1. My Lord, what a weekend! Storms swept through Virginia this weekend. The power was out for three days. I've had to throw everything in my fridge away including the expensive Irish butter that I'd only just bought. We had several trees down, no hot water or landline phone so Rocky and I just packed a few things and went to my mother's house. That was great, almost like a mini vacation. We ate junk food, laid around on the floor watched Star Trek and laughed more than we have in weeks. Once again, I'm reminded that God in His great mercy gave me exactly the husband that I need.

  2. Voodoo / black magic/ root work/the old ways/ whatever you want to call it, still holds a powerful grip on Africa, and frankly everywhere Africans were taken as slaves. There are people (including some of my relatives) in South Carolina and Virginia who go to church every Sunday but who also trust completely the power of the local root (witch) doctor.
  3. When you buy something made in China today please spare a thought for this woman and her children. St. Gianna, pray for us.

  4. Whenever there's a blog discussion about Medjugorje I notice two things always seem to happen. Someone will calmly mention what the bishop there says and then a Med Head will write back a 7 paragraph hysterical or bellicose response or they'll use all caps which is shouting in "net speak". If anybody has any doubts about Medjugorje read this before getting a plane ticket and going over there. You don't have to beleive it just read it before you write that check or decide to hang your whole precious Faith on this alleged apparition. By the way, have you noticed how the "seers" are always referred to as "the children", or as young people. All but one were born before 1967! Except for the youngest born, in 1971 they are all pushing 40 and over. That aint no kid.

  5. I just found TeDeum a truly excellent blog.
  6. Every now and then the devil slips up and shows his real face. These pictures are from a Legends condom ad that just won an award. I can only say that the spirit of this ad is totally and obviously demonic.
  7. Don't always assume that a married woman with no children is using birth control. I've only been pregnant twice and had miscarriages both times. I'd hate to think that someone is sitting behind me in the pews looking at me with distaste and thinking "Look at that wicked contracepting woman!" Unless you have access to someone's marital bed or their medicine cabinet you can't know for sure what the real story is.
  8. When nuns go rogue bad stuff happens…..

  9. If you happen to be in DC on Saturday, July 8, go listen to Fr. Caulfield' lessons on John Paul II's Theology of the Body from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Fr. Caulfield rocks. He's a most excellent young priest.

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Christine said...

I read about that lady in China...I posted about it on my blog also today.
Very tragic...forcing a mother to kill her babies.

The condom ad is truly demonic.

I hope your power is back on now!