Saturday, July 15, 2006

random thoughts on a wet Saturday morning

  1. Bishop Yanta is right. When you go to church with your naked buttocks showing you are making an immoral act. You chose to go out of the house like that. When you show up in the Communion line with your breasts practically falling out of your open top you are making a decision. If you step up to lector wearing a see through blouse or you get a kick out of sitting in the front pew with your legs open you are making a choice-- and a foul one at that. Ask yourself hon, why are you dressed like that? Unless you ride a pole for a living you don't go work like that so why do you treat your boss with more respect that you do Jesus?

  2. Certain blogs have started bashing Traditionalist Catholics again. What a bore. Really, what a tiresome, unhelpful, unlovely big fat bore. We ought to pray for SSPX people, not mock them. If you can treat a flat out heretic with love and respect why not do the same for the Trad? If you can go to a mosque or synogauge and bow your head respectfully why be rude and crude towards the Trad chapel? And we need to face one inconvenient fact: We would not have the Indult if it weren't for those stubborn independent chapels and SSPX. When you sit smug and prim in the pew for your indult Mass or you sit happy and relieved to be at a conservative insence and Latin filled Novus Ordo Mass, spare a kind thought for the hard headed and yes, in some ways legitamately angry people who really made it possible.

  3. I love Wal-Mart. Sorry, but I do. Is it endangering the old style mom and pop stores? Yeah but you know what? A lot of those mom and pops stores were small, dirty, overpriced and in the South, they weren't all that polite to their black customers. When Wal-Mart came to South Carolina my grandmother and her contermporaries were thrilled to go there. They could afford the stuff and Mr. Sam didn't care what color they were as long as they were carrying green cash. For the first time in Grandma's life the clerks called her ma'am and were helpful. She and my great aunts loved Wal-Mart. By the way, some of the mom and pop stores on Main Street in my Grandma's town are still thriving. The presence of Wal-Mart in town forced them to rethink their business plan. They revamped the stores, sold better quality stuff that you can't get at Wal-Mart and started treating all their black customers better.

  4. I think the Cafeteria is Closed has become one of the best Catholic blogs out there. I check it every day for news.

  5. I just read a weird conversation on a Catholic message board. There are people out there who actually think it's a mortal sin not to breastfeed. Okaaaaaay. I'm backing away and calling for Nurse Ratchett now. Some modern day pharisee actually believes that God is going to send women to hell because some of us would rather not have breasts that resemble rotten pears and hang to their knees by the time they're 45. Where the flip is THAT in the catechism?
  6. If you are ever in Northern Virginia, this is a really nice little church. The pastor and parochial vicar are very good priests.
  7. If you're in DC be sure to visit Saint Matthew's Cathedral. Mnsgr. Jameson, Gerhardt, and Fr. Caulfied have a really hard job and do wonders.


Andy Nowicki said...

Re: trashing traditionalists:
"What a big, fat bore." Damn right. That phrase well descibes the chief trasher in question. Seriously, though; I know fat jokes are unkind, but when you've got a fat guy who's a total, insufferable, self-rigteous, mean, hateful bully (such as the one in quesion here), is it out of line to make fun of him for being fat? Would it have been uncharitable to call Mussolini fat, to use an admittedly extreme example? This isn't just a rhetorical question; I'm really interested in your opinion. I enjoy your site. Keep up the good work.

Dymphna said...

Well... Mussolini wasn't really fat. He was sort of stocky. I have noticed that the chief trasher is um.. large but in his case I mock him because he's mean just for the sport of it and the best way to deal with people like that is to laugh at them.

Andy Nowicki said...

Yes, you're right, Mussolini's not the best example. Perhaps Hermann Goering would be a better; he was unquestionably a tub o' lard.
I've found that, when dealing with a truly disagreeable, dislikable person, making fun of a physical imperfection actually makes the person more difficult to hate. Therefore, although in typical cases it is unkind to mock someone for being fat, ugly, bald (as in my case), etc., in cases of extreme unlikeability, such mockery may be best for one's own soul, since the alternative is to succumb to passionate hatred.

M. Alexander said...

Don't worry, I've breastfed 7 of my 8 children (not the adopted one)and I don't need plastic surgery iykwim. Breastfeeding is for lazy, cheap people like me who want to lose the baby weight fast. I don't think it's a mortal sin NOT to breastfeed unless you are doing it for purposes of vanity, in which case that would be a sin but really it is the way to go once you have a baby. Wait and see, you might be surprised how everything works out.

And thanks for the comments on my blog. I've been under attack by some trolls for a couple of weeks now but I'm holding up well ;).