Saturday, May 12, 2007

francis beckwith

All the big time blogs are buzzing about Francis Beckwith and his reversion to the Catholic Church. I didn't even know who Beckwith was---(he was the president of an Evangelical group) and I was taken aback by his rather apologetic tone about the whole thing. I just hope that he is happy and doesn't start up some quasi Protestant "ministry". We have too many wanna be priests running around already.


Coffee Wife said...

I read his interesting article with "Christianity Today." It strikes me that yet again another Protestant has come into the Church and plans on making a big deal out of it. He says that he wants to write a book "or a major article" about his conversion. Why can't folks quietly convert and take their place with the rest of the Catholic community without making a big deal out of it? We are flooded with books of, "I once was Protestant and then, while reading this and that bible passage, I became Catholic!"

Once again I get that uneasiness that we are being slowly hauled over to a Protestant focus on the Bible. Each time a Protestant converts and then makes a big deal out of his/her conversion with books and articles and talks they put the Bible more and more into the center of the Catholic focus.

I dunno. I hope I'm making sense here. I don't mind that folks feel really good when they convert - I sure did! - but I'm very nervous about this quasi-Protestant spirit spreading like wildfire through the laity in the Church. We AREN'T Protestants. We do NOT focus on the Bible like Protestants - as a matter of fact, that hyper-Bible focus is what separates Catholics from Protestants.

When I converted I was first drawn to the Church because I could trace it all the way back to Jesus. Then, I was convinced about the truth of the Eucharist. I got involved in learning basica apologetics because I was frequently attacked by Protestant friends - and even Protestant strangers that felt they had a right to harass me about my faith when they saw a holy medal or crucifix around my neck. (Jesus never said, "Go forth and be uppity and pushy...")

I really am concerned about this Protestant fire that is spreading amongst the laity in the Church. We are not called to "know the Bible" in the Protestant manner. We are called to know Jesus in the Eucharist!

I wish that Protestant converts would slip quietly into the pews and have a sacred and private conversion rather then blasting the trumpets and yelling to all that will listen, "LOOK AT ME - I HAVE CONVERTED TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH!!" It's all very distracting! And it also opens the door for incorrect interpretations of biblical passages - like claiming that Adam is responsible for the fall of man because he failed to defend his wife Eve.

Francis J. Beckwith said...

Let me encourage Coffee Wife (aka "Starbucks Spouse") to read my personal statement on my return to the Catholic Church: This may help her understand the timing of my move.

With warm regards,

M. Alexander said...

Amen Dymphna.