Sunday, June 03, 2007

Could it be us?

In Detroit this year there was only one ordination. A number of people have commented that this is pathetic. Well, it is but maybe this is a sign that God is not pleased with us. Us, the folks in the pews.

  • Do you think God is pleased with the people who send their children to Mass or CCD but don't go themselves?

  • How about the folks who make a salary of 150K or more but toss in change or one buck at collection time?

  • What about the people who perform various functions at chuch, not because they love God but because they crave power?

  • What about the people who attend every Sunday, make sure everyone knows that they are big deals at church and who loudly proclaim themselves good Catholics yet are using contraception?

  • What about the people who seem to think that the pastor is their own personal priest and throw hissy fits if he can't come to their house everytime they call?

  • What about the people who come to church and gossip in the pews before and after Mass?

  • What about the women who come to Mass in shorts and stomach baring tops or the ones who wear pants so low that their buttocks are exposed?

  • What about the divorced men and women who strut up to Communion and threaten to raise a stink if they don't recieve?

  • What about the people who scream and carry on if their parochial school offers a scholarship to a few inner city children?

  • What about the people who go to Communion yet do not believe in the Real Presence?

    St. Fidelis once said that the presence of bad priests (and perhaps the lack of priests) is a sign that God is displeased with His people. That's something to think about.


Lynne said...

I think you're too young to remember this ;-) but Pogo (the comic strip character) once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us"...

Sanctus Belle said...

Fr. Corapi said in a talk my husband attended recently that dissident priests and lack of leadership from prelates is a form of chastisement from God for our lack of obedience. We get the leadership we deserve.