Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is interesting

Archbishop Fellay, the head of SSPX, made a speech. Bishop Williamson, the top SSPX guy in America gives me the creeps but Archbishop Fellay, on the other hand is a charming man who sounds quite sane and eminently sensible. This speech is interesting and I'm posting it with no comment 'cause I'm honestly not sure what to think.


Lynne said...

The person who posted this at YouTube has many video clips up from this talk and another that Bishop Fellay has given. They are very compelling.

I would not mind seeing the SSPX reunited with the Church.

If half of what he says is accurate (and I fear his accuracy rate is more than that), we should be praying for the Pope non-stop as he is surrounded by wolves.

Dymphna said...

Listening to the speech I suddenly thought of Blessed Jacinta's vision of the pope in a great palace surrounded by enemies. I am going to increase my prayers for the Holy Father.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I could not disagree more about Bishop Williamson. I like him very much.