Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mad for Moto--- Trads please make the most of this

Well! The MP is real and finally here. The Tridentine Mass. has been set free. Thanks be to God.

May the souls of all the people who spent their lives working for this day and who died before it came to fruition, rest in peace.

Now, SSPX please, please respond. Traditionalists, and conservatives please, please respond. Remember that bitterness repells, joy attracts. Be kind to any new person who wanders in asking dumb questions.
Catholics --- suburban Catholics especially are gererally lousy at welcoming newcomers at the best of times. No, we dont' have love bomb people like the Baptists and non-denoms do but a simple hello won't kill you either. Hard stares at strangers or people who aren't the same color or class as you does not help the church or the state of your soul. This is an opportunity folks. Take it.

As for those of us who mostly attend the Novus Ordo, thank God for this day as well. Maybe there will be some changes in the sloppy, irrevrant way the NO Mass is celebrated by so many priests today.

God bless, Pope Benedict. Pray for him. He's shown incredible guts and there are people who hate him for this.


R J Stove said...

Hello Mrs. Dymphna:

I see there's a response from the SSPX's Superior-General here - have you seen it? (Have had to split the URL over more than one line):

Dymphna said...

Yes, I saw his response and I was cautiously happy.