Saturday, October 20, 2007

Priesthood Sunday

October 28 is Priesthood Sunday. Say a prayer for your priest or do something thoughtful for him. Invite him to dinner (obviously this is not an option for single women unless you invite other people as well), bake him cookies, offer to sweep the leaves away from the church door, pick up the trash in the parking lot, offer to drive him to the hospital for his sick calls some time (this is a great gift to elderly priests who are having problems driving at night). If you're handy offer to do some of the repairs around the church and rectory.

There are a whole lot of little things that go into a priest's day. Some members of the laity who are dying to "help" really could help by offering to do the mundane tasks that make Father's life a little easier or let me put it more bluntly: instead of clamoring to be Eucharistic Ministers more of us should be volunteering to clean the toilets and the pews.

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