Sunday, October 21, 2007

a silly daydream

I have this recurring daydream of being able to go back in time and finding Martin Luther straining over his chamber pot. I'd hand him a bottle of Kaopectate. "Here Marty, drink this!"

Hopefully he'd mistake me for an angel or a demon, drink the constipation medicin and the whole cleaving of Christendom thing never would've happened.

I mentioned this to Rocky once and he, bless his heart, suggested that Martin Luther probably would've been so shocked to see a woman in his privy that he would've refused the bottle. Rocky's other theory is that Luther and I would've had a Star Wars Duel of the Fates type argument and he would've gone dark anyway. Rocky then went on to point out that Luther's problems with the Church went beyond crazy thoughts while having chronic battles with his bowels. Oh well.