Sunday, May 25, 2008

that old familiar feeling

Last week a speaker was at my parish. He did not speak in the church but in the parish hall. His talk was on an admirable subject. Rocky and I did not attend because we had something else to do that night but I decided to Google the speaker to see if I could find any other parishes where he'd be lecturing. I found out that he belongs to a think tank that has a number of speakers who .... well, disturbed me a bit. They seem to dislike popular culture, blacks, anybody who doesn't want to return to a 19th century agrarian lifestyle and appear to avocate that the US turn in on itself and forget about the world (I actually have had that fantasy too. I guess we all have at some time or another but these guys are serious.)

My Catholic early warning system started to hum. My Normal American-faced-with-a-crank warning system was humming too.

I haven't found a single instance where this speaker appeared to agree with their line of thinking and I've found nothing but praise for him from people I respect but it worries me that he's hanging around with those other guys.

If he comes back to my parish I will try to attend his lecture and afterwards I hope I'll have enough courage to ask him a few questions about his colleagues.