Monday, November 17, 2008

Scrupulous Meaness--- Saddest picture I've ever seen, don't click if you are sensitive

What happened to America? When did the national spirit turn so mean? There is no excuse for this on earth. There will be no excuse in hell.


Robert said...

That website is one of the most bizarre sites I've come across. Those people want it both ways.....they say they are against abortion but they want to appear liberal and open minded by allowing a woman "freedom of choice".
You can't have it both can't believe abortion is murder and allow someone to make a "choice".

Athos said...

Ritual sacrifice of children has always been the indicator par excellence of all that the Bible considered pagan. The OT prophets would have spotted it in a NY minute.

That we are blinded by the mythology of the present darkness in the west shows, IMO, the degree to which we are observing and participating in the rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem - as always the demonic parodying the sublime, true, and beautiful in its heinous and ugly "pro-choice" words mimicking the characteristic of being created imago dei, free will.