Friday, December 05, 2008


Do they do the touchdown signal during the Our Father at your parish? Unless you're a referee on official business it's pretty dumb looking isn't it? Here's one priest who's sick of seeing the folks in the pews make fools of themselves.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I read that entry...I like that priest.

Anonymous said...

OK, I have to admit that this drives me batty at Mass. I make a point of keeping my hands clasped together in front of my chest, or palm to palm in a position of prayer in front of my chest. I only hold hands with my kids and my honey, but not at Mass! And I certainly don't put my hands in the orans position (I think that's the word) like a priest!

Joe! said...

I don't hold hands, Actually, no one ever does at my parish. I usually keep a hymnal or missalette in my hands to avoid hand-holding at other parishes, but in one suburban parish it was forced upon me.

Adoro said...

It DOES look ridiculous, but sadly, I know of priests who have TOLD people that they are SUPPOSED to use the orans position, etc. So they think they are being obedient. I have a friend who experienced this, but in digging further, learned that the priest was misinformed. And so she stopped doing it immediately, no problem.

I've been forced into hand-holding and making a touchdown, too. Can't stand it, so avoid parishes that do that.

During the Our Father I usually just close my eyes and keep my hands clasped, but at one Mass a little toddler decided to hold my hand. I decided in charity that it would be better to hold the little one's hand, but saw the mother apologizing. I just shrugged and impression was that for them it was a family thing, but the toddler hadn't learned context yet. :-)

Carolina Cannonball said...

well, if the good padre doesn't want to see it he could... I don't know... turn around and face the other direction. :-P

Lola said...

You realize I will no longer be able to keep a straight face at mass anymore.

Too many people are just doing the upstretched hands. Worse is my one kid whos an extrovert. Well, she sometimes joins in. Hands upstretched and Singing at the top of her lungs. Holy help us!

I had a Director of Religious Education lecture me on the 1st Century Christians. (Mind you they weren't Catholic.) She stated there were no kneelers and everyone raised their hands. I suppose she interviewed the 2000 year old man to get this information.

Thank you for the humor, even though the situation isn't funny.

God Bless and happy Advent.

Anthony Aguilar said...

I find the comments of judgement about how some people wish to worship their God sort of obscene and vulgar. Shame and guilt is what you should be feeling if you think the way you worship the Lord is better then other people's way, it is sort of wrong and sad.