Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mary Daly died

The late Dr. John Senior (author of the Death of Christian Culture) once wrote that feminist professors seek to turn their impressionable young students into dried out husks that no young man could ever love. He didn't mention Mary Daly but she fits the description. The poor woman hated God, men and the Blessed Virgin. I wonder how many students she ruined?


Susan said...

Another fine example of Christian charity Dympha. I'm sure Jesus is looking down on your little blog, wondering what part of "love thy neighbor" you don't understand.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

How about you, Susan?

If a public figure ruins souls, charity to the person should not hinder you from criticising the person or saying he or she ruined souls.

Suppose Hitler had some doing in German souls who were ruined in National Socialist commodities like Hitlerjugend or SS or certain scientific commodities or as guards in camps - should charity for Adolf have us all ONLY praise him as a good painter? Even while others are looking back on his political work with nostalgia and others are following his example without saying so?