Friday, March 12, 2010

Fascinating women bloggers

Hilary Margaret White at Orwell's Picnic. She's certainly not mealey mouthed and I don't think she'd like me but the hard nosed, old fashioned English way she puts things is interesting. I'm either horrified or amused when I visit her blog.

Elena at Tea at Triannon. What lovely, gentle blog. She reminds me of a Northern Melanie Wilkes.

The Anchoress. She gets on my nerves at times but Mrs. Scalia can really write and it's worth it to read her every day.

Cheeky Pink Girl. Honest, tough, never boring.


elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Dymphna honey! You are so kind! But you know I'm from Maryland! I'm no Yankee! And my mama is from Alabama!

I love your feistiness and gumption! Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your thoughts!

Charlotte said...

Thanks, Dymphna! (And no, I haven't forgotten about your statue. Just lazy. You'll get it.)

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Elena, as you know I already read you!

Charlotte, are you author of Cheeky Pink?

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