Monday, May 10, 2010

Creepy--- when politicians want to play church

Nancy Pelosi did an interview in which she blithely admits to telling bishops and cardinals what they should preach at Mass. She seems to think she's the pope but she's closer to Lady Macbeth. If I ever hear my bishop tell me to embrace illegal immigration and apparently all that goes with it, at any Mass I attend I will get up and walk out until the homily is over.


Old Bob said...

Creepy is hardly the word for it. The woman is definitely certifiable; she's got an ego as big as all outdoors.

Lola said...

Dymphna, you are so ahead of the curve!

I just heard this morning, Glen Beck run the audio of NP talking about this discussion with the Bishops.

Church and State. Hasn't anyone told Ms. Pelosi that doesn't just apply to the Righties. Meaning, the State can't tell the Churches what to preach!

BTW, any other suggestions to walking out in case I hear the whole Immigration/Amnesty reform during a homily? Can't I just shout out, "Tell Nancy she can fund the USCCB by herself!".

Maybe I should write the USCCB!