Monday, August 30, 2010

Theology of the Body gives me the creeps

Never trust anybody who spends their whole life talking about sex. Whether, it's Hugh Hefner, who is at least an open, honest pervert, the TV and radio love doctors, your "funny" uncle whom you were never allowed to be alone with, or the old Cottonmouthed neighborhood guy that all the kids were told to stay away from.

The sex obsessed freak is oftentimes an authority figure. All these stories we read about teachers preying on students aren't a new thing. It's always gone on but now they get reported. Frequently sex bores and fanatics have big fancy credentials. They went to an institute in Europe, or they wrote a lot of papers or like Dr. Kinsey, a real monster, they had a gulliable press who believed everything they said. The Theology of the Body people give me the creeps especially when I read stuff like this:

At a TOB meeting, Dr. Janet Smith stated that God is a stalker and that all lovers are pathological stalkers. I know the woman was just going for dramatic effect but this too much. I wouldn't go to this person for advice about love or God or much of anything.

Fr. Loya, whom I've never heard of before, but is apparently a big chief in the TOB tribe said that "TOB is not a big idea. It is THE big idea." I thought the big idea was Jesus.


Sr. Lorraine said...

Hello Dymphna,
I can understand that a snippet of an hour long talk reported out of context might well give you the creeps!
However, I was present at the talk and overall it was a wonderful overview of God's love for us as communicated to us through Scripture and sacred Tradition.
Dr Smith is a well-known defender of Humanae Vitae, one who supports Church teaching 100%. Heard in context, the "stalker" remark was not offensive, although perhaps not the best choice of words. What she was saying was really no different from what Francis Thompson expressed in his beautiful poem, "The Hound of Heaven."
God bless you!

hank_F_M said...


I heard Fr Loya speak once.

A very Christ centered priest he knows that Jesus is the big idea.

He does have gift for using expressions that could be misunderstood out of context, and waking up the audience with the most “stimulating” use of several possible word choices.

I think he was talking in a more limited sphere he meant that the TOB is the big idea of how we express love to spouses, always in the larger context of what Jesus taught and did.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Also, theology of the body is actually a papal teaching. It's well worth exploring. Pope John Paul offered it as a remedy for the decline in sexual morality so evident in today's world. I've met some people who told me that learning about theology of the body brought them back to the full practice of the Catholic faith, and revitalized their marriages.
"By their fruits you will know them."

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Great post..I too have my misgivings..

Arturo Vasquez said...

I think it should give you the creeps, as it would offend one's sensus catholicus on a number of levels. As one commenter alluded, it is really a defense of Humanae Vitae in the context of post-1983 Canon Law, that puts the unitive and procreational ends of marriage on equal footing, upsetting the traditional hierarchy. In that context, such people as John Paul II had to create a sort of Catholic tantra, a metaphysics of sex above and beyond that of procreation, to defend the prohibition concerning artificial birth control.

That is where the asceticism of thermometers and vaginal mucus enters into the picture. There has to be a certain "spiritualization of sex", supposedly based on dormant "incarnational" paradigms, in which one must fully appreciate the joy of the Catholic orgasm. The original John Paul II text was far too convoluted and measured to draw all of this out well enough, but there is far more continuity between it and its popularizations that many would care to admit.

Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum said...

I just read the part of Fr. Loya wanting future artistic depictions of the BVM made with her bare breasts on display. Your'e right Dymphna, the guys is creepy, bordering on blasphemous. More "fruits" of the council. For my owm part I read the Baltimore catechism, have a trusted spiritual advisor/confessor and follow my conscience. I don't need to see my spiritual mother's breasts thank you very much!

Lynne said...

Just sitting here, nodding my head yes... Although, I've heard Dr. Smith's other talk about why contraception is bad so I can give her a pass but West and Popcak, not so much...

Dymphna said...

I know TOB is a papal teaching. BUT, JPII was just talking. He was not presenting TOB as part of the deposit of Faith. We are not bound to study TOB. If you started babling about sacred sex to St. Augustine, St.Paul or St. Peter they'd give you the fisheye. Augustine might even go for a slap.

Kristyn said...

I gave my two cents here:

(Scroll down to "Christopher West and Company vs. 'Custody of the Eyes.'")

The whole thing gives me the creeps, too. Let's just be chaste according to our state of life and move on, for heaven's sake.