Thursday, October 07, 2010

Random thoughts on Sobran and Skojec and Kathleen Folden

  • Joe Sobran died last week and his funeral was on Tuesday. I don't really remember him because he'd been cast out by William F. Buckley long before I was even interested in politics and I didn't like the essays of his that I've read but the reactions to his death fascinated me. There were loving tributes including a touching one from Anne Coulter and remarkable nastiness. One commenter on Fr. Z's blog said that he was not sorry to see Sobran gone. One commenter said he was a Jew hater and anti Israel so she felt nothing at all knowing that he was dead. Another person called him an unstable, rude genius. One Catholic blogger said that she wished he'd been a Protestant instead of a Catholic. Who was this man really and why did he excite such passions so long after his big time writing career was essentially over?

  • Steve Skojec wrote an essay on Inside Catholic saying that a lot of Traditionalist Catholics are jerks. The reaction was what you'd expect. You can't spit on people--whether they have it coming or not-- and then expect them to shrug.
  • Kathleen Folden saw a tax payer sponsored piece of blasphemy and went St. Boniface on it. A lot of sophisticated Christians are cringing with shame and I don't know where Kathleen stands with the Lord compared to anyone else but the the Lord said something about liking the hot better than the lukewarm, didn't He?