Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rocky's favorite veil

This is one of my oldest veils. I bought it when I first began collecting them. I think I must have over 20 now. Some are antique, most are handmade and thus, unique. All of them are special. I don't collect anything that I don't love but this one stands apart from the rest because it's Rocky's favorite. It's very heavy lace. It so heavy that regular bobby pins won't hold it in place. I use the old fashioned extra strong ones for this baby. I only wear it at Easter.


Pablo said...

Very beautiful, Madam.

Your Rocky has good tastes in veils... and women.

God bless you and he. May your marriage recieve many more graces and blessings from our Lord.


Kelly said...

Very nice! I'm starting to get a little collection of veils going, myself. :)

God bless.