Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do you belong to your parish becuase of the church groups or the Mass?

Rocky has often commented to me that it seems to be the fad in Catholic churches to split the parish up into groups. The school parents only hang with each other and frankly don't care about the rest of the parish (I've seen some of this), the young women's prayer group meets in each others homes and only hang with each other. The over 50 group has their thing, the single, college grad, and under 30 group has theirs and the two groups never mingle. A single guy over 30 who didn't go to college but is doing quite well spiritually and financially and who'd make a great husband isn't welcome in either group. The married men's group only talk to each other. The Working Mothers group have no place for the mother who works all day at home. The Spanish parishioners have their own bivouac and will bristle if intruded upon.

I know a woman whose only reason for going to church at all was because she sang in the choir and her entire social life was there. When she lost her Faith she decided to leave because she couldn't bring herself to be a hypocrite. The poor woman is quite restless and unhappy now. I don't think Holy Mother Church really wants us to be separate exlusive little units within the church. I don't think it's healthy either. Stephen Kellmeyer, whom I know is not well like in some blog circles has a point with this post.