Saturday, February 19, 2011

I can't believe this

According to the people who run this site, on March 19, to the 23rd, Our Lady is scheduled to appear in Alabama. I am shocked and embarrassed because non Catholics will see this specatacle and they will be pushed further away from the Church. I'm horrified because devout Catholics will be hoodwinked.

Once, years ago, an old priest went to Medjogorje watched what was going on and then cried with grief. He later wrote "What have they done to you, my Lady?" The Mother of God does not appear by command. She is not a performer. No seer before Medjugorje has ever used their visions like parlor tricks.  This supposed visit to Alabama is just a carnival. I can imagine the carnival barker now: "Greetings folks, you say you can't make it the former Yugoslavia? No problem, we have a seer who will come to Birmingham and have a vision right in front of you."

 Can you imagine St. Bernadette going to New York and having visions on command for the gawkers? Can you imagine St. Catherine Laboure making a lucrative career out of her visions of Mary? The surviving seers of the approved Rwanda apparitions do not travel all over the world and I don't recall Sr. Agnes of Akita doing a road tour either. 

Oh Mary, exteriminatrix of heresy, pray for us.


Joseph Therese said...

Who knew Our Lady was like on demand TV, you can have her appear wherever you want.

pilgrim said...

Dymphna, you have been blessed with the freedom to choose to believe or not. What a wonderful gift this is from God, even for those who choose to believe otherwise.

RC said...

That website is run by the sect-like group "Caritas of Birmingham". For a description from a former insider, see:

JustinT said...

Be extremely careful about medjugorje . com website, by "Caritas of Birmingham" of "A Friend of Medjugorje". The problem with this organization and their website is that it is widely considered by many in Medjugorje movement as a cult (see articles at ), which is exploiting Medjugorje movement and luring very large amounts of money (currently $3-4 millions each year) from it's people.

In particular please read this:
and this

Hans Georg Lundahl said...


Btw, some people seem to be taking this writer (me) as a colleague of either Labouré or Medjugorje seers, and don't take into account I could simply be doing what Chesterton and C. S. Lewis did - write about my convictions, in own words, with documentation from naturally available sources (including but not limuted to anecdotes) and with a rational argumentation.

Some of the times when I have proposed to make money from my blogs (first money for printer, then for myself by voluntary royalties) I have very inappropriately been met with observations about true prophets (!) not charging money.