Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fr. Z. in the crucible

Well, I’ve been expecting this.  Frankly, after Fr. Corapi and the attacks on Bishop Finn,  I was wondering who was next. Father has been dropping hints on his blog that something was bugging him for about a month now.  A reporter named Phyllis Zagano is apparently working on an unflattering piece on him.

All priests have targets on their backs and widely known priests are like white stags in the middle of the herd. In Fr. Z’s case, he has been perhaps too open about his life, likes and dislikes for his own good and his donation button may not be the best idea. He has a lot of enemies. Some of them blindly hate Tradition  and any priest who doesn't act as if it's still 1972, is their enemy. Others, have pettier concerns. They're just irked by his dinning choices.

There are  Catholics who are so burnt up about the pedophile scandals that they've turned into miserable, sour witch finder generals who spend thier lives looking for priests to torment.  It's an unlovely thing. However, there are some common sense things that our bishops and superiors of orders should consider for the protection of their priestly sons. It is not a good idea for priests to live alone unless they are hermits or like St. John Vianney surrounded by nosy village folk. Gossip, lies and malice are constant and a lone priest who has to provide financially for himself, (This is also NOT a good idea, bishops and superiors!) is for all intents and purposes naked before his enemies.

Pray for priests. And remember, when you go half cocked and set yourself up as judge, jury and executioner of one, you wound the the Face of Christ.


Gina said...

I was just pondering this myself. I hate to think someone like Fr. Z is waiting for the pendulum to swing back his way, but it makes sense. He notes, himself, how often he's put his ideas forward, and how he's come to the defense of brothers who have done nothing but defend tradition.

Heartbreaking, but as he points out in a later blog, if he's not being attacked, he's doing something wrong.

He's going to be in my prayers hardcore in the coming days. That being said, a lot of what you point out makes sense as well. But considering the special circumstances Fr. Z finds himself in, I have to admit he's covered his bases as well as any priest can.

R J said...

Saint John Vianney didn't always live alone, far from it. He had, for at least eight years, a curate living with him (this curate seems to have made his life a misery, though without intending to do so). This didn't stop the holy priest of Ars from spending 16 hours a day in the confessional.

Of course much of the problem with erring priests of our era is that, unlike Saint John Vianney, they simply have too much time on their hands.

Jamie Baugh said...

I know there's a priest shortage in the US. But I worry about priests who live all alone. It's not good for man to be alone. We all need to be accountable to someone visible. And we all need our actions to be witnessed. I wish a good priest, maybe a priest in retirement, would live with Fr. Z.