Wednesday, August 03, 2011

random thoughts

  • When I read this my thoughts were uncharitable and I'm sorry for that. The girl is a little nincompoop but weren't we all at her age?  She sounds like a sweet, innocent kid. God bless her. She means well. I hope she never finds out first hand what her friend is really worshipping and I hope her friend, who also looks like a sweet girl finds God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

  • You know what I'm sick of? Bloggers who whine and complain about how hard blogging has become for them As Katherine Hepburn's character said to a complaining daughter in the movie, On Golden Pond, "Bore, bore, bore. Life marches on..., I suggest you get on with it"  If you don't feel like continuing with your hobby stop it and find another. 

    I'm also tired of bloggers who frequently complain about what other people are writing. Right now there's probably some guy blogging about his collection of 1950s green army men (which sounds kinda fun actually) , there's a bunch of brilliant sci fi geeks writing about what went wrong with Revenge of the Sith, other people are posting pictures of their knitting and there's a million women blogging about their passion for stilleto heels. And you know what? I say, more power to them. 

    If you dislike a blogger's output or you just don't think the subject matter is worthy of your attention then  don't read the blog anymore. It's really pretty simple. There are three big time Catholic bloggers whom I have no use for so I simply don't read them and I avoid clicking on any link that mentions them. Problem solved.

    Eternal rest grant unto Denise oh Lord, let perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace.
At first  they said "Stay out bad neighborhoods and you'll be safe." Then when our neighborhoods turned sour they said, " Stay indoors after dark unless you are with a group." Now they just say, "It was just one of those random things. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time." Our authorities  say anything and everything except, "It was the criminal's fault." 

  • Monsignor is absolutely correct. World Youth Day is not a Catholic Woodstock. Had any performer as lame as what we usually get a Catholic youth events shown up at Woodstock they would've been booed off the stage. I think that perhaps because Blessed John Paul II, was gifted with such a long reign and because we loved him so, many good and decent people think that everything he approved of or at least tolerated is an essential part of the Faith.  It isn't. You can get to Heaven without attending World Youth Day, you really can.
  • Can we please get out of Afghanistan? There is nothing there for us. We can't change the people. They enjoy pedophilia, vicious cruelty to women and the only thing they have worth selling is drugs. Thirty one Americans are dead in one day and I swear come November 2012, I'll vote for Mickey Mouse or Goofy Dog if they promise to get us out of this wretched hive of misery, horror and insantity.