Wednesday, May 30, 2012

random thoughts

  • I admire the dedication and organization skills of home schooling parents. Public education is really about breaking the will and teaching kids to shut up and go along with the crowd.

  • Reading New Liturgical Movement isn't any fun anymore. The commenters aren't happy about anything ever. They can see photos of a beautiful TLM offered by a bright, shiny young priest and in a place that hasn't had one in decades and still complain that the third deacon's hair is too long or that the altar boy's shoes are scuffed.

  • Facebook is a dangerous toy. I was reading a co-worker's page at her invitation and it left me almost quesy. I learned a few disgusting things about some other co-workers that I REALLY would have prefered not to know. None of these people would stand up in a conference room at work and say these things but they cheerfully wrote it up on Facebook. When you get on Facebook you are exposing your personal business and the business of your friends to the whole gawking world.  You may think nobody but your nearest and dearest are going to read it but that's just wishful thinking. Once it's online it's public and it's forever. It only takes one person to pass on a post that they read and then boom you have some 'splainn' to do at work or school or home. People have gotten divorced, fired, demoted, expelled from school, arrested and even been exposed to death threats becuase of things they stupidly wrote on Facebook. I've told my friends and family that I'm passing on this fad.

  • I bought a new veil. It's going to be for special occasions.

  • I suspect that Miss Ann Barnhardt is right. HT Sancte Pater. Warning. Her language is frank. Very frank.

  • Pay, pray, pray for the Holy Father.

  • Some people got all snippy at seeing the Dalai Lama at a Pentecost Mass in Germany. I wasn't among them. Unbelievers are welcome at Mass as long as they behave and don't try to take Communion and many conversions have been made this way. Once in what is now France a barbarian king went to the Christian church out of curiosity. He'd resisted all the efforts of the missionaries but was converted by when he saw the priest raise the Host. Suddenly he realized that there was only one God and that the One God was present on the Christian's altar. That barbarians curiosity changed history. Something made the Dalai want to go to Mass. Something may come of it. Who knows?

  • Pay attention to this story. It could be rotten kids or it could be a sign that France is about to have a really bad time. St. Joan, pray for us.


Old Bob said...

Dymphna, thanks for the column by Ann Barnhardt! She said exactly what I have been thinking.
There are lies, and lies behind the lies.

Joe Potillor said...

I agree on NLM, I love (sarc) how they complain about every little thing. Be thankful for the Mass..fighting Liturgy wars is rather pointless unless the rubrics are blatantly violated.

I've made my facebook unserarchable.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"When you get on Facebook you are exposing your personal business and the business of your friends to the whole gawking world."

Unless you have the sense to keep personal business that's personal into PMs and such ...

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

As I am writing and debating, I obviously have lots to share which I very much do NOT mind sharing with the world.

Suppose I share I am Geocentric.

There are schools where I will not be hired if they know.

But if I am hired, I will try as soon as possible to share it anyway, and even get kicked out of the school, since to serve in a school where Geocentrism is off limits is to serve Satan and to destroy the souls of students.

So, I have every interest to share the fact I am Geocentric, both on FB and elsewhere.

As to those who make stupid comments about it in a debate, well, I kind of expose THEM, but unless they are public persons themselves, I anonymise them.

Dito for fact I am not a fullfledged believer in a proto-Indo-European single and lost language of which others are daughter languages.

The similarities could be Sprachbund or superstrate. Giving Hittite as in Nesili a kind of possibility of providing that superstrate, otherwise possibly a lost "esperanto" between early IE langs affecting them into becoming similar.

A school where I can't share that is a school where I shan't serve, if I can at all avoid it.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Dito, of course, when it comes to my support for young marriages.