Friday, May 04, 2012

Presented with a raised eyebrow

After reading this and this  and this I am reminded that lay apologists shoud be looked upon with great care. 

Oh Mary, seat of Wisdom, pray for us.


LarryD said...

We certainly live in exciting times...

In one respect, I envy my parents who won't live long enough to experience what will happen. I'm not so sure my kids will be so lucky.

Still - all for the glory of God. May He send us stalwart saints.

Carol said...

It is a sad and frustrating situation. Keep on our toes to stay in a state of grace and watch each others backs. The devil is on the loose and he is consuming.

Am praying fervently to the Holy Spirit.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

If the apologist is Mark Shea, a sign should be hung around his neck that says, 'Dangerous when you allow him to write or talk.'

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

First two links are to messages no longer on the blogs, which otherwise are still active. Third is to a blog rather than a message and as it is still active in 2016, I can look for a needle in a haystack as well as trying to find what you reacted to in 2012.

Steve, none of the three were Mark Shea.