Thursday, June 21, 2012

random thoughts

Our Lady of Confidence
  • Can we please drop the word "bullying" to describe every form of meaness?   Bullying is what happens when Tammy Sue and Mindy make fun of Nancy every single day. Bullying is when Bobby picks on little Timmy in gym class until he cries.  Bullying is what my old co-worker "Evilene" used to pull on me the horrible year she went through menopause. What happened to poor Karen Klein is far worse than everyday cruelty. This lady was subjected to vicious harrasment,  threats of bodily harm and straight up unadulterated evil. I'm putting Greece, New York on my list of places I don't ever want to go.

  • Don't give money to any order of nuns that pursue politcs, "social justice", feminism, nature worship or anything other than the love of Christ and the service of His people in either active or contemplative devotion. Look to support orders  like this this or this or these holy women.  

  • I think this priest's idea is absolutely spot on. However, the parents in the parish are going to flip out. Please say a prayer for him.

  •  I think the public school model needs  to be destroyed. We need to find another way.

  • Don't throw your worn out clothes in the trash. Call your local nursing home and ask if they'd like a donation. A lot of people in care have been dumped  and their relatives don't even pay enough attention to them to make sure they have decent clothes. They callously figure that Dad is in a wheel chair or bedridden and doesn't go anywhere but the garden so why does he need new pants? Believe me, Dad needs new pants, if he's incontinent, has difficulty feeding himself or has been in that nursing home for years.

  • Please pray for priests! Please pray for the Holy Father!