Thursday, September 06, 2012

A prayer for priests from St. Therese

What a beautiful vocation we have!

We must keep the salt of the earth!

We offer our prayers and sacrifices

for the apostles of our Lord;

we ourselves must be their apostles,

while they evangelize our brothers

by word and example.

To live for love, O Lord divine,

It's asking Thee to fill with fire

The hearts of all our priests and Thine.

Seraphic purity may they acquire.

Protect Thy Church. I am her child.

My life I offer Thee. Is it enough?

I pray to Thee so kind and mild.

I live for love.

The souls of priests I wish to be

Clear and bright alike a star.

Each one of them, for angels to see,

Before he goes up to the altar.

To grant us such a miracle,

O God, a rosary we say.

We pray before the tabernacle

On our knees, all nigiht and day.

As pure as the white Host may be

Thy priests, these sacred chosen few.

For all the world their lives to see.

Thy friends who teach us in the pew.

May they fulfill their ministry sublime

At Eucharist and frequent preaching.

Accept me in Thy plan divine

As victim for Thy harvesting.

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