Monday, September 10, 2012

While we weren't looking...

I remember flipping channels and for few seconds listening to an Evangelical  (I can't remember his name) on TV years ago, who said that the pedophiles and their psychiatric enablers would use the same tactics as gays to win sympathy and legalization of their activities.  The reaction the next day was pretty fierce. Most commentators scoffed and at least one public homosexual gave the Evangelical a furious rebuttal. Other people just laughed at such a ridiculous notion and used the man's remarks as an example of how dumb the Evangelicals were.

Well, while we weren't looking because we were too busy paying attention to celebrity gossip to deal with hard news or unpleasant facts, the pedophiles were busy working and society is on a conveyor belt being moved further down towards a foul goal. A sympathetic article on child molesters appeared last week in a popular  online publication. It uses the "born this way" argument and claims that putting a child molester in jail doesn't do any good. Of course, incarceration doesn't change pedophiles. They enjoy what they do. Incarceration keeps them safely away from children. Incarceration doesn't cure rapists or con artists either. They enjoy what they do. It punishes and prevents them from harming the innocent for a number of years.

That "silly, hateful, hysterical,"Evangelical with his bad hair cut, cheap suit and poor public speaking voice was right. The age of sexual consent is going to be lowered. Legalized pedophilia will creep up on us. It may take twenty years but unless we have a religious revival or a societal collapse I think it's going to happen and most of us won't even notice until our 15 year old granddaughter's 40 year old "date" shows up and there won't be a single legal thing we  will be able to do to stop her from going out the door with him.


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Pedophiles are psychopaths. Psychopaths show dangerous, evil behaviors from a very early age. The reason why is that they have no conscious, no internal moral compass that will nag them about what's right or wrong.
I think there's some proof they are "born that way" I used to believe psychopaths were made, not born. But when I started to read about this distasteful subject, I began to notice that many, if not most of them, came from completely normal families, were there was no abuse or neglect. So were did the evil come from? The only explanation I can think of is that somehow a psychopath has something missing in his heart, mind, and soul from his earliest days. I don't know what it is, neither do the experts who study this. All we know is that these people are evil from the word go. The only ways you can deal with psychopaths is; socially isolate them to kept them away from decent folks, and if they commit crimes, punish them to keep them away from society long as possible. And use the death penalty without fail when they commit crimes worthy of it.
For further information abot psychopathy, surf the net and read "Without Conscious" by Robert O. Hare. Hare is the greatest living expert on psychopathy.

TH2 said...

Mr. Dalton, you wrote: "All we know is that these people are evil from the word go." - that effectively negates freewill, implying man can be born evil, biological determinism, and so on. But God created... and "saw that it was good", etc... There is Original Sin, yes, and man sins throughout his life.

When it comes to psychopaths, demonic influence cannot be ruled out.

Even if they come from "normal families"... doesn't matter. Who knows what happened, though it is safe to say that, somewhere down the line, that psychopath rejected God's grace, which He offers to all of us.

Anita Moore said...

Yep, I posted about this a year ago:

when there was a symposium on how pedophilia needs to be "destigmatized" and removed from the DSM as a disorder, just like homosexuality has been. A guy from Johns Hopkins gave the keynote address. They even have euphemisms and everything for their particular brand of perversity.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

TH2, I've had the misfortune of encountering several psychopaths in my life, and based on what I knew about their history, they were raising hell as soon as they were able to move around. So something is wrong with them that can't be explained yet by science or religion. What we do know is that they are without conscience from day one.
I don't rule out demonic influence, but what comes first, a demon or an evil heart? We don't know the answer to that yet.
"Rejected God's Grace". In order to reject God's grace, one must have a sense of right and wrong in one's heart, mind, and soul. They don't have a conscience, so they are incapable of accepting or rejecting God's grace. I don't understand this, but I've known enough of these twisted wretches to know they are morally insane and unable to understand right from wrong, jst like a psychotic is unable to tell reality from unreality.