Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zombie babies: a sign of the times?

My boss is insisting on throwing  a Halloween cupcake party this year. I'm not thrilled and said so but I don't get a vote so.........I headed to a party store to pick up table cloths and a couple of decorative items. Five seconds afer stepping into the place I began to feel sick. The big thing this year is zombie babies.  Rows and rows of   undead infants dripping with blood.  Vampires, ghouls, ghost and witch costumes were also there once you walked further into the store but the dead baby figurines, and life sized statues  were up front. The party store owner knows what's hot and what his customers want and must have gone all out. I had no idea this was considered cool and I'm pretty sure it's says something about our culture. I didn't buy anything and left as quickly as I could.