Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why are there no Catholic fashion sites?

On the 11 On My Own blog, the author was wondering why there aren't a lot of Catholic fashion sites. Mormon women have modest yet attractive fashion blogs---Thread Ethic is the absolute best, and lots of clothing stores online and in brick and mortar. Orthodox Jewish women do a fantastic job of creating beautiful clothes that fit their code of dress. It doesn't work for Catholic women because we've been taught for so long to to look and live like everybody else.. I don't think a Catholic designer who was interested in making good looking, adult modest clothing  could make enough money to keep the business going.


Baron Korf said...

I think there is more to it than just that. We do not have an institutional acceptance of such fashions. If anything, a woman who has such priorities is derided for being overly pious or scrupulous.

Andie Sims said...

Hi Dymphna! I think it is because as Catholics we don't have exact modesty rules that are spelled out continually like the Mormans.

Also I think that Catholics and many Protestants have "fled the world" and no longer try to witness within it. It is as if caring about fashion and setting that example were "less holy" than not caring at all and being frumpy.

I for one wanted to show both Catholic and secular women that modesty and high fashion can go together with a little leg work . Check out my blog and see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andie. It's a struggle for modern day Catholics when our saintly examples are wives and mothers who were very often third order nuns. There is no equivalent now to what they wore then without drawing unwanted attention which would be the exact opposite of our goal.

I have five daughters and we have followed the Saint Pio "protocol" (my name for it) for the past 8 years and it works well for us. He insisted sleeves to the elbows and skirts/dresses 8 inches (at least) below the knee. The only time I don't insist the skirt length is when my girls are wearing boots.

I opened in 2006 and used to a have a fashion blog. I have since turned it into a humor blog with a few fashion posts thrown in, but you would never know it with my dull comment here. ;-)

Kasonia Kisangani said...

There are Catholic fashion sites, maybe you've heard about them: