Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Hell brouhahah

I think it's natural human frailty to hope that Hell is either empty or lightly populated. It's painful to think that your Uncle Lou is in Hell. Lou was great to you, he was fun, okay so he drank and cheated on his wife and had several outside children that he didn't provide one dime for, not to mention that he was nobody to mess with when he was mad as several guys at the local bar found out over the years... you all loved Uncle Lou...he's not in Hell, pretty please?

It's also comforting to think that if God is just going to forgive everybody and that if even Stalin and Hitler are in Purgatory then surely you, a nice person who has never killed or tortured anybody has nothing to worry about.

Lukewarm Catholics casuse a lot of trouble for themselves and others. Trying to pretend the Hell isn't a possible destination is foolish. Either you believe Jesus or not and He talked plainly about Hell. Either you believe Mary or not. At Fatima she talked plainly about Hell.

As for Father Barron, well, he is a priest and I'd rather pray for him than criticize him.