Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five minute hates and other random thoughts

* I think that every now and then Americans need a five minute hate to distract us from our own lives. Tiger Woods commited the sin of adultery but the way the media covered it and the way the public ate it up you'd think he was John Wayne Gacy or Timothy McVeigh. Now it's Lance Armstrong's turn. I'm not defending either man but the frenzy surrounding their falls is ridiculous and very telling. While people are frothing at the mouth over Lance, nasty little men in Washington and New York are plotting very bad things for this country.

* Rocky chatted with a nice young lady at church who is considering becoming Catholic. Sadly, until she met him, all the Catholics she knows (including her boyfriend) are  are so lukewarm that they're actually holding her back from converting.  She's been going to an enquierer's class for months and so far they havne't taught any of the basic things Rocky spoke to her about. Good grief.

* Feminsim seems to have produced three kinds of young men. The repulsive man-boys  who only seem to get excited about playing video games for days, woman haters and feral brutes.

*The Nazis lost the battles of WWII but in many ways they won the actual war. They preached that some lives were unworthy of life and today we have legal abortion and euthanasia is becoming more and more acceptable to many people.

*Please pray for our priests. A termite might say to you, "Sure I eat wood but I'm tiny. It's my nature. I can't help it. Besides, what harm do I really do? You're just being a mean old entomophobic." If you listen to the termite and leave it be, you should not be surprised when you discover that  that the termites have multiplied, taken over and your whole house is a brittle shell. When men like this get ordained they cause a lot of misery and destruction in God's house. I bet you that someone discovered what was going on in the rectory and tried to get the Monsignors superiors to correct him. I also would not be surprised if that person--- a layperson or a fellow priest was told to shut up, mind their own business and be kind to poor Monsignor Wallin.

*I got an idea from Old Bob. He commented that he once made Christmas cards showing the Nativity and the Crucifixion and I thought that was wonderful. I searched for cards that would show the beauty of the Nativity and still remind us of what the Babe in the stable was born to do. I found this and bought a box for next year.

*To the people of both sexes who spend time obsessively oggling Archbishop Ganswein.  What you are doing is not cute.  In fact, it's a sin.

*Since God never does anything for no particular reason it should be noted that Christ chose to make His divinity known to ordinary people at a wedding. Notice that the artist shows the Jewish custom of the ladies and men celebrating in separate areas. Our Lady didn't turn to Jesus at the dinner table and casually ask for a miracle. She had to either call Him over to the partition or she must have asked someone to have Him come close enough for to ask. This is profound. A priest, and I can't remember who it was once said that at the Baptism in the Jordan God makes it clear that His Son's holy mission has begun and at the wedding in Cana Mary too, does this. For the sake of the bride and groom she she asks her Son to show His power. She must have known that this would be the end of their quiet life in Nazareth forever but she did it anyway. Somehow she sensed that it was time.