Monday, January 14, 2013

Wisdom from Father Lasance..

Out of the Catholic Church none can be saved. This proposition, which highly displeases all ‎sectarians and infidels, is not only clearly established by the authority of Scripture, and by the ‎perpetual and constant belief of the Catholic Church, but it is also evident from reason itself, so ‎that one must needs be blind who does not perceive its truth. This, however, applies only to ‎those persons who culpably and willfully adhere to heresy, or schism, or infidelity, but by no ‎means to those who have been imbued with errors and prejudices from their earliest years, and ‎to whom not even a doubt occurs that they are involved in heresy or schism, or who, if any ‎doubt arises in their minds, earnestly and sincerely seek after the truth; such persons we leave ‎to the judgment of God, to whom it belongs to penetrate and search  the thoughts and ‎dispositions of hearts. For it is incompatible with the divine goodness and clemency that any ‎one should suffer eternal torments who is not guilty of a willful transgression. To assert the ‎contrary would be against the express doctrine of the Church. ‎

‎"Let us hear St. Augustine: We must not, says he, class among heretics those persons who, ‎without willful obstinacy, maintain a false and perverse doctrine, especially if it is not the off-‎spring of their bold presumption, but a legacy from their deceived  and mistaken parents, and ‎who search after the truth with earnest care, being disposed to renounce their error as soon as ‎they are apprised of it. 

Reading this from Father Lasance's famous prayer book is a huge comfort whenever I worry about my Baptist relatives.


boinky said...

I gave my Father Lasance prayer book to my daughter in law when she converted. Alas, living in the Philippines, I wish I had bought another copy with me.

However, you can find some of his books on line at Archives dot com.
link. His regular prayer book isn't there but a longer version for religious can be downloaded for free.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

One more reason to prefer Pope Michael over the Feeneyite Popes (Alejandro IX and Boniface X).

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Short link for link given by boinky: