Saturday, July 06, 2013

St. John Paul II

It's been a long weekend and I think most people are away from home but the reaction to the approaching canonizations of Popes John 23rd and John Paul, II has been pretty subdued. I've seen variations of the "trad's will complain," theme on a number of blog  comment boxes but so far the spicier remarks appear to be coming from a wide spectrum of Catholics, from traditional, to conservative to liberal. 

Except for some people at a site I won't name, nobody has issues with JPII's personal holiness. People are pissed about the one big, undeniable blot on his papacy. I love John Paul, he was the only pope for most of my life. There is a statue of him in my living room. But you can love your papa and still admit that he was not perfectly perfect in every single way.  I'm talking about the pedophile scandal.  The victims are going to protest for the rest of their lives and they have a right to. I don't think any sensible person  expected JPII, desperately sick with Parkinson's to  drag himself to every Satan scented chancery in the world and personally cast out and excommunicate every wicked priest and prelate.  But some of the victims and their champions aren't sensible. They have been completely broken. We must have compassion for these suffering folks. Grunting an explanation of "shut up," and accusing the objector of being a schismatic or just a bad Catholic doesn't help.

If you aren't happy about this canonization, that's okay. If you have mixed emotions, that's okay. We are not called to be delirious with joy over every canonization but we are called to obedience and I trust that the Holy Father has the power to loose and bind on earth and Heaven.


Anita Moore said...

My beef with John Paul II, which ties in with what you're talking about, is the sub-par, terrible and even downright notorious bishops he appointed, especially in the United States. That mess will take a long time to clean up. Do I think he set out deliberately to appoint bad bishops? No. But there was certainly a failure somewhere along the line, and when it comes to the appointment of bishops, the buck stops with the Pope.

At the same time, though, I can't get that passage from St. John Eudes out of my mind: the one about how bad shepherds are an unmistakable sign of God's anger with His people. We can't honestly say we haven't earned a huge chastisement.

Joe Potillor said...

I fully agree with your thoughts, I don't think anyone in the trad camp, liberal camp, or what not has anything against the holiness of JPII, we could see that in his actions

It's as I've stated on my own blog, it's not that he's not a saintly person, there's a lot of cult of personality attached, and I don't think objectively we can measure his life until the cult of personality around him dies off.

But it's as you've said, Holy Mother Church has spoken, and we're called to that obedience....fortunately the Church has plenty intercessors, we don't need to ask all of them to pray for St Tatyana (a 2nd century martyr that I've found new devotion to)...pray for us.

The liberals in the camp will use this canonization to justify everything they do...see our banal Liturgies, St JPII had them, so can we, this I'm sure we'll see...

The trads will probably start thinking Pope Francis is nuts and leave for the Orthodox, or Eastern Rites in the Church, more than likely...(my going over to the Eastern Rites has more to do with spirituality change than anything else)...

It's one of the few times I can say if people don't want these particular Saint's intercession, don't ask them :p

God Bless you Dymphna :), your perspective always brightens the rather gloomy days at times.

Joe of St Therese :)

Anita, especially the punishment inflicted on the west coast...with Cardinal Mahony, Bp Brown, Driscoll in our dioceses...I do hold Cardinal Mahony against JPII as it was him that elevated him to Cardinal....of course to be fair he also appointed Finn and Bruskewitz too, I like to say when he appointed bad bishops, they were REALLY bad, and when he appointed good bishops they were pretty good. Hopefully Pope Francis does not go the JPII route of appointing Bishops.

Lynne said...

Trads aren't going any where... We've only just begun to 'fight' and I use quotes because we're not fighting but educating. The depth and beauty of Catholicism of the past 2000 years is amazing. The Church did not spring up in 1962 and it will outlast the Modernists (who have been around a lot longer than 1962) so long as we speak the Truth in Love.

Lynne said...

And yes, Joe, the cult of personality is a problem, not just with JPII but with bishops and priests.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"I'm talking about the pedophile scandal. The victims are going to protest for the rest of their lives and they have a right to."

And what about Assisi?

"I don't think any sensible person expected JPII, desperately sick with Parkinson's to drag himself to every Satan scented chancery in the world and personally cast out and excommunicate every wicked priest and prelate."

He was in a position of giving orders and could have given other ones?

If he had been less happy with hugging progressive non-Catholics like Dalai Lama or non-bishop not-of-Canterbury (yep, Alice film is upcoming), he might have taken a stand against progressives "within the Church".

And those would have been if not all, at least many of those shielding the culprits.

Let's not forget George Gheoghan was recycled by progressive bishops who believed more in shrinks than in Pope St Pius V's Horrendum Scelus bull from 1568!