Thursday, September 12, 2013

St. Matthew and the Angel

This particular painting has always tickled me because of the expression Caravagio puts on St. Matthew's face. He looks like the angel has  nagging him for hours and he's grumbling, "I HEARD you the first time."

This is my all time favorite St. Matthew and the angel painting. The angel looks like he's bouncing up and down with excitement and dear Matthew looks patient.

Here is a black and white version of the now lost original Caravagio St. Matthew and the angel painting. Apparently, the public didn't like it and Caravagio went back to the lab again to get  it right. I kind of like it myself. 

And then there's this one by Paolo Veronese. A really
  relaxed St. Matthew looks like he's asking his little angel for an honest critique on what he's written.