Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Easter week mess

By now you've probably heard about the pope's phone call to the woman in Argentina in the irregular marriage. The usual people are making the usual excuses and I'm not interested in that. It is possible that  Jacqueline Sabetta Lisbona is a miserable attention seeking  liar and that the Holy Father is too much of a gentleman to call her out on it. Do you believe that? Other than the part about this woman being an attention seeker, I don't.  If the Holy Father really said "A little bread and wine does no harm," then we have a problem. There is no way to find out what the Holy Father meant if he did really say this and unless the Vatican comes out and explains, it's just a mess. 



Joe Potillor said...

Indeed, let us pray for Pope Francis, for if he did say "a little bread and wine" does no harm, that would imply that he does not believe in the Real Presence...which would be a can of worms that does not need to be opened.

Problem being Pope Francis is so unscripted, un-precise with his remarks...that it's within the realm of possibility that he did say such a thing without thinking about the ramifications of such....Let us pray for Pope Francis.

Steve Dalton said...

Pope Francis's phone calls remind me of Bob Newhart's telephone comedy sketches. The difference is that Newhart's telephone dialogues are meant to be funny in the first place, while Pope Francis's phone calls turn into a joke.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Yes ... that was as many days before that Crucifix went down as the pseudo-canonisation was after it.

You know William Tapley, a Catholic, considered a prophecy by Daniel was being fulfilled, insofar as "the prince" in Daniel means "prince of peace"=God and "Pope Francis" was taking the Eucharist away from God and giving it to those the Sacrament does NOT belong to.