Saturday, June 21, 2014

Morning has broken.........a blast from the past

Last Sunday Rocky had to work so we went to a different parish for Mass. The church musician played this as the pre Mass music. I looked at Rocky while flashing back to the second grade and the kiddie liturgy. My husband looked at me and gave me an apologetic smile. I liked this song when I was a kid, didn't we all but what the heck were the adults thinking?


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

An important update on Cat Stevens.. He's now Muslim, going by the name Yusuf Islam. I'd give him very wide berth.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

1) As far as I know, his version of Islam is a peaceful one;
2) What he apostasised from was, apparently, Greek Orthodoxy.

Steven Demetre Georgiou was his name at his birth.

Lawsuit about allegation that he would not talk to unveiled women

On 18 July 2008, Yusuf received substantial undisclosed damages from the World Entertainment News Network following their publication of a story that claimed the singer refused to speak to unveiled women.[91] The allegations first surfaced in the German newspaper BZ after Yusuf's trip to Berlin in March 2007 to collect the Echo music award for "life achievements as musician and ambassador between cultures".[92] Once again he was awarded damages after the World Entertainment News Network allowed an article to be published on alleging that he would not speak to unveiled women with the exception of his wife. His solicitor said "he was made out to be 'so sexist and bigoted that he refused at an awards ceremony to speak to or even acknowledge any women who were not wearing a veil'".[91][93] The news agency apologised and issued a statement saying that Yusuf has never had any problem in working with women and has never required a third party as an intermediary to function at work.[92] The money from this lawsuit went to his Small Kindness Charity.[91]

On his website, he discussed the false allegation, saying, "The accusation that I do not speak or interact with ladies who are not veiled is an absurdity.... It's true that I have asked my manager to respectfully request lady presenters refrain from embracing me when giving awards or during public appearances, but that has nothing to do with my feelings or respect for them. Islam simply requires me to honour the dignity of ladies or young girls who are not closely related to me, and avoid physical intimacy, however innocent it may be." He added, "My four daughters all follow the basic wearing of clothes which modestly cover their God-given beauty. They're extremely well educated; they do not cover their faces and interact perfectly well with friends and society.

Probably the kind who was not very well catechised. IF that is an excuse.