Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Requiem Aeternum Pater Walker and other random thoughts

  • Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Walker, just 28 years old at the time of his murder. The killer has been caught.
  • Speaking of crime, there are some people who welcome a financial and societal collapse in America because they think things will be better when the dust settles. I'm not one of them and I don't think those wishful dreamers have really given it much thought. A week ago a woman was killed in a one car accident. As she lay dead, people came and stole the groceries from the car. These people weren't hungry. They didn't need the food. They just wanted the thrill of stealing. A few months ago some young people broke down a fence at an electronic music festival because they didn't have tickets and wanted to get in anyway.The fence came down on a guard who suffered serious injuries. The brats at the music festival aren't starving. In fact, electronica fans or at least their parents, tend to be on the upper end of the financial curve. If people do things like this now what will they do when there really is reason to be desperate?

  • Rocky had to work late so we weren't able to go to Mass at our parish. Instead after we left my uncle's nursing home we went to St. Dominics in DC. It is a beautiful church and we've been there before but never for the late Sunday Mass. After five minutes I looked at Rocky and he looked at me. The cantor was out of control. I understand that they get a lot of tourists but I hate it when the cantor tells us when to stand  and why we're supposed to be there. It was a somewhat odd experience. The cantor, who actually had a good voice was belting out a 1970s folk music concert and in between performances the little old pastor was giving a straight Novus Ordo Mass with chant thrown in.
  • So let me get this straight. If you have a gay Mass it's okay with Cardinal Dolan but if a priest says in public that one group in the diocese is treated pretty shabbily that is not okay to the point of him being driven out of the country? Cardinal Dolan is a puzzling and disheartening disappointment and for me at least, he has been from the first day he was installed in New York.

  • Oh Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us to thy Son, Our God and King!


Joe Potillor said...

A Cardinal Dolan fan, I am not too...I've always thought he was more politician and didn't take his "job" seriously...but such, definitely must pray for him.

But sometimes Ps 109(8), 8 crosses my mind

newguy40 said...

I would self identify as a "prepper". I've done what I can to prepare for localized and more systemic catastrophes. But, I dread the possibility of economic and cultural failure.

But, I am reminded of of both how the Roman Empire fell and a aphorism on bankruptcy. "Slowly and then all at once..." Doesn't mean I want it to happen. And, candidly, those idiots on line who say they can't wait, are usually not preppers but lazy fools.

I think this country is far far down the path of collapse. I won't bother with all the indicators as you likely see them too. While I pray for the country, elected officials as well as the unity of the Church and the Holy Father, I'm being responsible and will take care of my family and neighbors when I am called to.

Dymphna said...

Oh the signs are definitely there. The collaspe is coming and it is wise to prepare as best we can. May God have mercy.