Monday, July 27, 2015

Catholic bloggers take note-- be kind to your readers and take care of your own reputation

I've decided that except for the beautiful and carefully curated, Go and Announce blog I'm avoiding Tumblr blogs altogether. This includes the beautiful Raccolta blog.  An all too typical scenario consists of a presumably devout person posting gorgeous paintings of Our Lord, Our Lady and the saints but failing to  take the time to check the blog or site where they got the image from. Too many times I've clicked on a image on a Catholic Tumblr blog in order to find out more about it and found myself at a grotesque and graphic gay or feminist  site. This rarely happens with Blogger or Wordpress blogs for some reason.

Catholic bloggers please take care about where you get your images from and check your linked sites occasionally. If I click on a link and find wickedness it will make me wonder about you. After-all, including a site on your links list indicates to the reader that you like this person or their writing or the information posted on their blog. If that blog contains blasphemous or obscene material I must assume that you like or at least don't feel to bothered about blasphemous and obscene stuff and I won't be back to your blog. I don't waste time on people I don't trust.