Saturday, July 25, 2015

Planned Parenthood and screams in the night

We knew that the Planned Parenthood women were hags inside despite pleasant facades. We knew they sell the dismembered body parts of murdered infants and we can guess that the hag who said she wants a Lamborghini probably didn't have a Southern mama to tell her that people in Hell want ice water.

 Judging by the online responses on blogs and Twitter, it was hearing unguarded, uncovered evil from the mouths of the Planned Parenthood hags and seeing it on video that made them wake up. Part of me wants to ask, "Where the Sam Hill have you been all these years?" and part of me is just thankful that more people see what Planned Parenthood is....evil. Full strength evil from the cute girls at the receptionist desk, to  the motherly (hah!) escort, to the death dealing nurse and doctors, to the person who takes out the trash, all of them, fetid, stinking evil.

Whitaker Chambers once told a story of a talk he had with a young European woman who explained to  him how her father finally gave up Communism. It wasn't an intellectual argument that swayed him. One night he was in Moscow and heard screams coming from an apartment after the secret police went in. He heard the screams and like St. Paul, the scales fell from his eyes.  He realized that although he had never lifted a finger of violence towards anyone, his support of Communism was contributing to the torture of another human being. I don't know what's going to happen now for many of the people who saw the videos. Whether they continue to support Planned Parenthood or whether they flee its evil and work to get it defunded they've crossed a line. Nobody can say they didn't know.