Saturday, September 23, 2017

The filial correction and random thoughts on a Saturday night

Pray for us, Mother!

  • Rorate Caeli has been Tweeting that they know something big for weeks now.  It got to be like a little kid singing "I know a secret," at the top of his lungs. Well, the shoe finally dropped and while I could have done without the hyping, yes it is impressive. For the first time since 1333, when theologians from the University of Paris  informed Pope John XXII that he was teaching a heresy, clergy and lay scholars have spoken out to the pope and issued a correction.  Will it matter to the pope? I don't know. I don't think so but I will say this: at least these people did not remain silent and when they go to bed at night they can do so with a satisfied mind. May St. Catherine of Siena intercede for them.

  • One of my co-workers, in a fit of anger and disappointment actually cursed loud enough for me to hear her all the way down the hall because Hurricane Irma did not blow into Florida as a category 5 and didn't kill  as many people as the Great Storm of Galveston or Hurricane Camille.  She hates President Trump so much that she wanted a disaster in Florida so she could criticize him. I looked at her cubicle wall and thought, "You have no soul." In a second or two,  I corrected myself and thought, "No, you gotta a soul but it's corroded."

  • I stopped reading Catholic Answers several years ago. This by Jimmy Akin confirms that I haven't missed a thing.
  • After coughing so much that I was actually embarrassed because people were staring I decided to get myself to the doctor. Sure enough I have asthma and have allergies. So far the inhaler is really helping.

This is not cute. God save us from cute, hip celebrity priests.

  •  German, French and British people probably don't think of the Coptic Christians at all and would laugh if you told them that one day  the Coptic present could very well be the their  future.