Saturday, September 09, 2017

Your Eminences, It's Not Just Bannon

I've been saying for years that the US Bishop's obsession with illegal immigrants stinks in the nostrils of many Americans and NOT necessarily for the single reason that they are anti-Catholic. I have told people in vain, that it's not just our bishops but the Lutherans and Episcopalians also get money for processing immigrants and refugees but it doesn't resonate.  The 19 year old who lost his mother to a car crash caused by a multiple times deportee who was helped by "the Catlics"  and who may or may not be Alt Right probably feels that we don't care about his suffering. Anybody who has had to flee an apartment  or rental townhouse because Catholic Charities paid  the landlord to house  a bunch of immigrants who have never seen running water, electricity or ovens before has been left with a bad taste in his mouth concerning the Church.  1Peter5   and Church Militant have published reports on the amount of money the bishops have gotten from the government. Curious people of all walks of life who wouldn't read 1P5, Church Militant or the bishop's last available financial report can easily go to the site to see that the bishops are getting quite a bit money.

 The problem is not just with Protestants and the unchurched either. Steve Bannon  may have kicked the hornet's nest  but many Catholics have been saying for years that it bugs them that their bishop seems to care more about illegal aliens than his own people and have whispered that it all came down to money.  Elizabeth Yore of The Remnant wrote about the money trail last year.  I read a comment on a major blog from one man who got up from his pew and walked out of Mass  because the priest used his homily to talk politics and to support DACA. Hopefully, this man will go to another parish and not leave the Church but he's not the only one who is fed up.The bishops are hissing at Bannon but completely miss all the people standing behind him nodding.