Saturday, November 10, 2018

The mask slips

On November 6th I was walking down the hall at work. A small group of people were watching the TV. One man, an individual of some importance at this job said that he wished that people who vote against his party could be put into "re-education" camps and that the US could be China for just one day. This man is not ignorant. He's a world traveler and highly credentialed from Ivy League schools. He knows damned well what China does to inconvenient people.  Except for one man, everyone either smiled or laughed. The one man who remained silent glanced away but I saw that he had a grimace on his face. Was it because he was shocked or was it because he was concerned that Ole Mr. Nasty was being careless in saying this out loud in front of the staff? At any rate I'm glad I heard that and glad I saw who laughed. It helps to know who is a decent person and who most definitely is not.