Monday, May 20, 2019

Santa Evita? Seriously?

  • If Eva Peron's cause for beatification, much less canonization EVER gets opened and taken seriously by the Vatican it will be one of the most ridiculous, indefensible spectacles to ever befall the Church. 

  • A number of people are sad about Fr. Jonathan Morris leaving the priesthood because it's too hard and he'd like to get married.  My first reaction was to ask why is the Legionare  order still in existence? As for Fr. Morris personally, I think that he will discover that his girlfriend, if he already has one may have the attributes  that males look for in a mistress  but   those same attributes make for a  poor wife. The girlfriend--if she exists may very well discover one day that if she can pull a priest away from God then there's no reason to think that another woman can't do the same to her.

  • Game of Thrones is finally over and  it was very quiet in my office this morning. I'm so relieved. 

St. John of  Nepomuk, faithful priest and martyr, pray for us.