Tuesday, July 30, 2019

random thoughts on a Monday afternoon

  • I grew up in a non-coffee drinking household so I never understood the lure of Starbucks. Every time I've been in one with friends I either ordered nothing or purchased my lime fizzy water and left. I didn't feel cool, or have some sort of religious experience. I mean, it's just coffee, the stuff that my grandparents used as a remedy for constipation. People act like going to Starbucks is a secular version of walking the Camino del Santiago.

  • John Zmirak called Cardinal Cupich "one of the meanest and one of the dumbest." Standing in front of that foul looking crucifix I'd like to add "vicious". 
  • I sat through a homily where the priest railed at us about the need to offer tender care for vulnerable, pitiful immigrants. I thought, "Wait a minute. If these people are so helpless and need to be taken care of like babies, how in Sam Hill did they get themselves from their countries to the US?   Why was Father talking about some very tough, resourceful people as if they were sub-normal intellectually or physical invalids? 

  •  John Zmirak is talking about heart breaking things -- the venal US bishops who sell us out for government money, the immigrants legal and illegal who lose their Faith after being exposed to parish life in the US, etc. ---but he's so funny it's bearable.

  • I dropped my American Association of Law Librarian membership years ago and never renewed. I also did not attend the 2019, convention that was in DC this year. This Federalist article confirms my decision.

  • Fr. Faucher of Idaho was a filthy, sadistic pervert to put it as mildly as possible. He used drugs, drank so much that he claims to be suffering from alcoholic dementia and dabbled in Satanism. He hated God, the Church, and his own parishioners so much that he  urinated on a cross,  and into the wine used for Communion. He was so spiritually polluted that the diocese had his house exorcised before putting it on sale. 

    Why didn't he just leave the priesthood? I strongly suspect that quietly leaving wouldn't have been any fun. He probably got enormous satisfaction standing there at Mass watching his poor parishioners take the tainted Precious Blood. How he must have mocked them in his mind!  He also probably got pleasure by grinding the Faith down day after day. Can you imagine what he was saying in the confessional or what sly, careful heresies were contained in his homilies? I completely missed coverage of his story in Catholic news and only found mention of it at Ann Bernhardt's blog.