Monday, July 01, 2019


    Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us

  • Louie smells a rat.  I think he's right. 

  • If you encounter a person who says, "This is my truth," or "Only God can judge me," or "I want to change the world," you are probably in the presence of a narcissist or a flat out sociopath and are about to be cheated, lied to or worse. Run.

  • For some reason every year at the start of Summer there seems to be a discussion in blogland and Twitter about annoying children at Mass. I think it has to do with the parents. At my old parish the parents were mostly upper middle class government employees, lawyers and and other professionals. Their kids did a lot screaming, running, kicking and banging. Our new parish has a mix of working class and middle class people and a racial mix. The kids are well behaved. As much as I loved St. Rita's I have to admit I never saw children act the way they did at the Mass we went to at any other parish we've ever visited.

  • Sunday morning I woke up with a migraine and spent an unremembered amount of time with my hands over my face rocking back and forth. Sunday night I heard bubbling coming from the tub. I stood in the doorway and watched as my upstairs neighbor's toilet paper and waste came up into my tub and mercifully went back down. I wondered perhaps in shock what in all the Hells my neighbor has been eating and called maintenance. I told Rocky not to use the tub in the morning and went to bed. Monday morning at work looks fantastic to me.

  • One of Rocky's brother Knights had a brain hemorrhage last night. In your charity please pray for him.