Thursday, November 28, 2019

I got nowhere else to go

This week a lot of people have been talking about losing their religion and going Orthodox or maybe just sitting at home in despair. Both Ann Barnhardt and Non Veni Pacem  have written masterful answers to these folks. The one thing that has long come to my mind when I read posts and hear podcasts of people who are doubting and looking at the backdoor is this scene from An Officer and a Gentleman. I got nowhere else to go. There is nowhere else to go. I watched a clip of the Russian Orthodox Easter service last year and a tear came to my eyes because I compared it to some of the appalling Masses I've been to but it didn't shake me. The Orthodox look nice* but they are not Catholic.  There is only one holy, catholic and apostolic church. There is only one Bride of Christ and outside of her is nothing. Don't let the Judases seduce you or drive you away from Christ. That's it.

*A lot of people babble about how awful Catholic Twitter is. If you want to see mean and nasty I suggest you spend an hour or two hanging out on Orthodox Twitter.