Sunday, November 17, 2019

Random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

  • Whenever a a Catholic leader tells me that massive illegal immigration from Latin America is actually a good thing because these folks are natural family and tradition loving conservatives I assume that I listening to a liar or a fool. Neither one is a good thing. This Sprite commercial comes from Argentina,. 

  • We are long past the point of arguing whether Francis is a true pope or not. He has the ring. He is in the Vatican and wields his power like a mace to the head of a bound victim. Benedict sits mute and hidden except for when he's trotted out by his minder, Archbishop Ganswein, and no active cardinal in good standing has the guts to say to Francis on camera, in public at a Vatican event that he's spouting heretical, idolatrous, globalist crap and is an unworthy hireling. There are those who are timidly waiting for Francis to die so that this dark night in the Church can finally end. Well if you are thinking that, stop it. Francis is probably going to live into his 90s and even if he died today his policies will live on many decades after him.
  • Sr. Sasagawa of Akita says she's had another visitation after 46 years. I've noticed that this has been ignored by most of Catholic media. Another thing I noticed is that Sister said Our Lady spoke of penance and asked that we pray the rosary. She said nothing about Divine Mercy or loving icebergs.

  • My cousin Lou Lou is in hospice. When she was 19 she had a hysterectomy and I think it led to the collapse of her first marriage.  I don't think she was ever free of depression for very long in her entire life and her siblings did not help. In your charity could you please say an Ave for her?
  • Quite a few people were dismayed by the Virginia elections earlier this month but really what else did they expect? Catholic Charities and the Lutherans flooded Northern Virginia with Somalis.  This created a good deal of grumbling about the Catholics but it didn't stop the flood.   Northern Virginia is heavily Hispanic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somalian, Syrian, Afghani, and Iraqi. Many of my neighbors can't speak English but the Democrats were able to connect with them enough to get them onto the free van and car rides to the polls. Northern Virginia dominates Virginia because the government workers have money. The state is done. It's going to be a more southerly version of Maryland now.