Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Pray for poor old Benedict

I have a tender heart for the elderly and those who need someone to care for them. You may still be angry at Benedict for cutting and running out on us --- and I respect that but for God's sake, he's 93. He's weak.  Maybe he's always been weak and maybe Randy Engel is absolutely correct in the doubts she had years ago about him and maybe it's true that you can't trust any German bishop about anything ever---but this old man is surrounded by slimy people and I don't know who has his best interests at heart. I don't  trust Ganswein.

One more thing, when I was my uncle, Sonny Boy's guardian, his clothes always looked presentable. His hair was always neat and his shoes were in good shape. My laundry standards were not and still aren't up to my mother's impeccable standards so she washed and folded all of his  garments herself. I bought him new clothes and hats any time I saw that he needed something.  When we took him out for excursions no-one who saw him would have known that there was anything wrong with him unless they tried to speak to him. There is no reason why Benedict should be looking unkempt in photos.