Wednesday, January 29, 2020

random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

  • There is a class action lawsuit against the  "United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for its role in the fraudulent promotion of Peter’s Pence as a charity to assist individuals throughout the world who have been affected by “war, oppression, natural disaster or disease.”

  • It just hit me how much alike Steve Skojec and Mark Shea are as far as the ability to hold a grudge and be nasty.

  •  Last week Rocky and I went to Mass and the whole church was filled with kids who had been to the March for Life. They were perfectly behaved. Nobody was fooling around. Nobody was talking. Only one thing went wrong at that was due to one of the guest priests. He accidentally dropped the Host and immediately retrieved and consumed but no effort was made to be sure that all particles of the Host were removed from the stone floor.

  • Death brings out interesting reactions in people. I remember reading Sucpie Dominie with great distaste when John Vennari died. People on the forum -- regulars, not trolls, made fun of  the description of his Last Rites and the care his poor wife and family took to make sure he was as ready for death as possible.  Mundabor is harping on Kobe Bryant's name not being Catholic.  Go back and time and complain to Kobe's mother but it's doesn't make a hell of a lot sense to grouse about now.

  • Remember that book E. Michael Jones put out about Michael Voris a few years ago? I don't think anyone ever asked Jones to explain if his  priest-informant told him things that were spoken about outside the confessional or not. If he got his information from Voris's spiritual director then wasn't that a violation of the seal of the confessional?