Monday, January 13, 2020

  • Every time I see Benedict XVI I wonder who's taking care of him. His hair isn't combed in photos  and Archbishop  Ganswein keeps harping on his impending  death.

  • Theodore McCarrick must have one hell of a strong dead man switch mechanism in place. 

  • My father would be 80 years old at the end of this month if he had lived. My father-in-law would be 83 if he still lived. Both of them probably would sip a beer and chuckle at Prince Harry with a, "Boy you done ---- and stepped in it."
  • I've been watching the Spanish series on Queen Isabella on YouTube and it's fantastic. 

  • I've been seeing a lot of attacks on Exodus 90.  One individual even accused the founders of being Catholic grifters.  I've read the plan for the 90 days of using Exodus 90 and I can't find anything objectionable. If a man really can't afford the ten dollars a month fee he could if really motivated do it on his own. There is a spiritual exercise for college women created by different people called Fiat 90 that begins next month.

  • An actress who looks like she's lived a hard life won an award and stated in her thank-you speech that she never would have had her fabulous career if she hadn't had an abortion. She  seemed to think she'd actually done something brave and unique. Ridiculous. Hollywood glitter is mixed with with an unending river of blood and always has been.

     Read any biography of any of the old time Golden Age stars and you'll see that baby killing was common. Way back in the early 20s Gloria Swanson's husband reacted to her pregnancy by buying her a vitamin tonic that a pharmacist later told her was nothing of the kind. She divorced him but never got pregnant again. Lana Turner did it to save her career. Jeanette McDonald did it. Joan Crawford lied to her husband and told him she'd had a miscarriage.  According to people who knew her, Marilyn Monroe had so many abortions and so damaged her body it probably led to her miscarriage during her relationship with playwright, Arthur Miller. Judy Garland was betrayed by her own husband and mother who talked her into having an abortion because they feared it would affect her budding career as an adult actress. Ava Gardner was also legally married but feared that a pregnancy would get in the way of roles she wanted so she had an abortion.

    Two Catholic actresses were told to have abortions and rebelled in wildly different ways.  Lupe Velez  fell into complete despair and killed herself. Sweet faced but tough as nails, Loretta Young had her child and gave her up for adoption. Shortly after,Young defied the studio again by claiming her daughter and telling everyone that she was adopted. The actress at the Golden Globe awards is just one of many.