Sunday, January 12, 2020

The March for Life and it's Catholic critics

A not insignificant number of Catholics have a problem with the March for Life because they think the marchers are just having fun. Others are displeased because Catholic marchers are mixing with non-Catholics, especially Evangelicals, and Catholics who are pro contraception.  Others are convinced that any good that happens to the souls and intellect of the  marchers is canceled out because the marchers end up going to irreverent Masses at the FedEx Arena.
Michael Voris just snapped at a young girl named Sophie for being excited about having gone to the march last year.

It's true that the man who is fasting and praying and doing penance at home because of abortion and the  woman praying in front of an abortion center are greater than the marchers and it's true that the march is not supposed to be a big party but I'm not sure if slapping down this kid is really doing the pro-life cause any good.